Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy

The Suzuki approach is excellent for learning Classical Music. Chord Based Piano is excellent for learning more Contemporary Styles including Worship Styles and Popular Music. I am experienced in teaching you according to your musical interests, and remain faithful to help you learn what you want to learn!

The Suzuki Method is a perfect way to introduce young children to piano. Parents who want their young children to learn piano through Suzuki must be prepared to be highly involved with their children and be dedicated to daily repertoire background listening. Here is a summary of the Suzuki philosophy: 

1)  Music can be learned naturally through listening and repetition.  Just as children learned to speak their native language (mother tongue) by hearing it spoken everyday, so children also naturally learn to play music when it is surrounding them everyday.   Daily exposure to musical pieces is beneficial for learning new music, reviewing pieces already learned, and for familiarization of future repertoire.   

2) Parental involvement is essential for young children.  They are the teacher's helper throughout the week guiding their children in practice through dedication, encouragement and participation in the lessons.  

3) Every child has ability to learn.  All children can learn when given the opportunity to develop with love and patience.  

4) Complete musical education includes memorization and sight reading.  Every song in the Suzuki books is memorized and are learned thoroughly to a performance-ready state.  Sight reading is an essential skill, and new sightreading material is presented on a consistent basis.