"Thank you for being an awesome piano teacher!”

“Our children have been so blessed by your teaching. Thank you for sharing and developing in them the gift of music.”

“We have such a deep appreciation for our time spent working and growing along side your patient and caring instruction.  You helped to develop a lasting love of practice of music and piano. Thank you for all you have done to support our family and their growth. With much love and respect.”

“Thank you so much for sharing the joy of music with us and being such an inspiring teacher. We feel blessed that our sons are your students." 

"Thank you for your time and patience with our son." 

"Mr. Brodrick is a wonderful teacher, able to meet students where they are.  With one of my children, who is driven and up for a challenge, he kept the pace quick and encouraged her to achieve an incredible amount of progress in a year.  With my other child, who is easily discouraged and struggled a lot, he was patient, kind, and persistent, while still setting achievable goals.  We are so grateful for all his work with our kids!" 

"David is the best piano teacher! - especially for kids. He is the perfect balance of encouragement and challenge.  His expertise in piano is extensive and his ability to transfer his knowledge is astounding."  

"David is an excellent teacher with a wonderful amount of patience and encouragement for our children.  His focus on technique has truly made a huge impact, and we are amazed to see the progress our two children have made over the course of just one year.  We can highly recommend David as a teacher and a person, using his gifts in a wonderful way."  

 "As a concert pianist myself, I know that its very difficult for someone to teach an adult how to play piano.  David is doing a great job of this." 

"Thank you for being such a wonderful piano teacher!" Tricia

"You were the right teacher for Ben at the right time and Suzuki was perfect for him."  

"Our young boys were under the tutelage of David Brodrick while David was a music student himself.  As a young man, David’s knowledge of music and composers along with his professionalism in teaching were very commendable.  David was challenging and encouraging at the same time gearing the lessons to the level and interest of each student"  

"My 3 kids have had David Brodrick as their piano teacher since January.  
He is a very nice and a good teacher. His rates are also reasonable."