Parental Investment and Support

Parents are required to stay in the lesson with their child, and to assist their children in fulfilling daily practice.  The Suzuki approach works effectively when parents (home teachers) work with their child everyday during practice time.  These are the 4 expectations for parental involvement:

1) Daily listening to the Suzuki CDs and recordings as background music

2) Working with your child during the entire 30 minute daily practice time

3) Sitting in the lesson with your child and observing the lesson

4) Checking the assignment notebook to ensure weekly assignment completion

Lesson Protocol

Please do not bring food, drinks, candy, or snacks into the studio.  Arrive in time for restroom use and hand washing before your lesson time begins.  Your materials need to be out and ready to present to your teacher before starting your lesson.  Any siblings and guests are welcome to sit in the waiting room so long as they are quiet and of no distraction. Should you arrive and another student is in progress of a lesson, please enter quietly.

Late Arrivals

Please be aware that students who arrive late to their piano lesson will not have an extended lesson.  I often have lessons scheduled consecutively.

Cancelled / Missed Lessons

Payment includes all scheduled lessons, regardless of attendance, and lessons will not be made up for any reason.  The only exception is that if the teacher has an emergency cancellation that cannot be rescheduled, that lesson period’s tuition will be refunded to you.  Your lesson time is reserved specifically for you.  No other student will be scheduled for your lesson time. I am committed to work with you during the duration of your lesson period.


1)Piano: A suitable piano is an acoustic piano, tuned and maintained. Every key must be fully functional. A digital piano is acceptable so long as it has 88 heavy weighted keys. See https://steveescoffery.com/digital-piano-buying-guide-from-piano-teacher/ for a guide to acceptable digital pianos.

Other required materials:

2) Suzuki Piano Volume 1

3)Suzuki Piano CD Volume 1 

4)CD player

5) College ruled spiral notebook

6) Quality metronome. (Metro Timer App) 

Practice and Lesson Preparation

All students are expected to practice on a daily basis.  A parent of a young child is expected to sit with her child during daily home practice time.  Parents are expected to check the notebook of older students to ensure that assignments are being completed.  Students are expected to have fully completed the weekly assignment given to them as written in their notebook.  The notebook is your daily guide in practice, and should be open and read every day during home practice.  This will promote steady learning progress and encourage healthy practice habits.  Dr. Suzuki said, “You only need to practice on the days that you eat.”

Please create a space at your home where your child can practice in a well lit, quiet space, away from distractions and noises.

Suzuki Listening Program

Successful learning with the Suzuki Method is achieved by listening to the CD’s everyday.  This method is a listen and repeat approach.  Just like a child learns a complicated language with all the nuances, correct dialect, intonation, and inflection, a child will learn music with correct rhythm, tone, notation, and proper musical touch, through extensive listening.  The child memorized what she hears, and her brain will instinctively correct her in teaching her to create the proper sound. Music listened to through repetition becomes internalized and the result is musical playing.  It is absolutely essential to provide a child with an environment of music listening to the Suzuki selections for this approach to work. Listening IS the Suzuki Method. Suggested listening times: when getting ready for bed, while falling asleep, in the car, while working on homework, and any time you are at home.


Tuition is a flat rate per month per student. Tuition is due the last week of the previous month for the following month’s lessons. Acceptable payment is cash, check, and PayPal. 45 minute lessons are advisable for everyone except for the very young.  

45 minute lessons = $180 per month

30 minute lessons = $140 per month


Tuition remains the same from month to month, including months with Holidays. There are 4 weeks of Holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and Spring Break.


Students are given the opportunity to perform in a periodic piano recital conducted by the instructor.  Attendance is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Recitals may be held in Retirement Homes, Churches, Piano Shops, or at a similar suitable location. Generally there are 2 recitals per year.


Students agree to continue lessons on a monthly basis. Should the parent / student decide to withdraw before the month is over, tuition applies through the last lesson period for the remainder of the month, and will not be refunded.


David Brodrick reserved the right to dismiss any student due to lack of participation or interest, frequent absence or tardiness, lack of cooperation, behavior issues, or delinquency in payment of tuition.